Thursday, October 1, 2009

A thrilling ...interdisciplinarian--and my new project

Hi folks, Ju-Pong here with another link to an amazing speaker, Margaret Wertheim. I called her an interdisciplinarian because she does not call herself an artist, though what she and her sister have created is certainly art. I discovered the Institute for Figuring a couple years ago when I was surfing the net learning about cocheting natural forms. But I had no idea what a viral phenomenon it had become. This is a wonderful talk, and I think very related to social acupuncture and community engagement. Margaret Wertheim talk

Also I wanted to share what's become of the Abstract that I posted in August. I proposed it for the conference of the Association of Research on Mothering in Toronto and got accepted. But they didn't have room for me in the embedded conference on the gift economy, so I had to revise my proposal quite a bit. I've posted what I came up with on my blog. Please check it out, pass this around and send me leaves! Ju-Pong's blog

By the way, you can view several of my videos if you scroll down, down, down.

Hope all is going well with you,

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  1. Hi Ju-Pong,

    Wow!! The Coral Reef is amazing. What an interesting and integrative talk. This project is true innovation and a simple yet profund complex way to connect not only communities but the global villge. I am in awe!!

    Your work looks and sounds wonderful. I have to go back and look at your laundry video. Looks beautiful. I do want to answer your question. I love fabric so I think I have a piece that I will use. It has leaves on it. I just hope I can find it. Take care, Nancy