Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Little "Engaged Arts" Workshop Given by Susan and Triada this week in Brooklyn

Hello! I thought you might all enjoy this:

Here is the post I wrote for the CORD blog this morning:

Friday, October 23, 2009
LOCAL TEENS CREATE "Airborne Contaminants Masks" in response to the Toxic Gowanus Canal in their "backyards"


Local teens from Starting Artists started an "Airborne Contaminants Masks" project this week at their local, artspace at 211 Smith Street in response to their feelings about living near the polluted waters and banks of the toxic Gowanus Canal. After a presentation by Brooklyn Utopias? Exhibition Curator, Katherine Gressel, and by participating and visiting artists, Triada Samaras, and Susan Konvit, these teens artists expressed deep concern over their health and safety in the event of a Gowanus Canal clean-up.

The on-going mask project, which may include works in other art/s media, will be a testament to their feelings. The teens expressed a clear desire for the safest and most comprehensive Gowanus Canal clean-up available to the public. Many live close enough to the canal to smell it on a "bad" day and cross it daily on their way to school and back.

The "Airborne Contaminants Masks" project that will be submitted in early November to the Brooklyn Utopias? Teen Art Exhibition at Starting Artists.

All Brooklyn Teens are eligible to submit an art work to this show.
Brooklyn middle and high school students: click here to submit artwork to the Brooklyn Utopias? Submissions DUE NOVEMBER 5!

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