Thursday, September 24, 2009

Art and Community, Update, by Laura

Greetings all!

My original post on this blog was about my thoughts on art and community, especially relating to this semester's events of CCT's production of "The Music Man" and the community farmer's market. Well, I wrote those thoughts up into an essay as part of packet 1. After some thought, I made another copy and gave it to one of the laides who runs the farmer's market (she is also a hat artist) and asked her to share it with the others. She came to the farmer's market last weekend and said that she'd finally had a chance to read the piece herself and really appreciated it and the thoughts I posed.

This comes at a time when the farmer's market is having to deal with some touchy state regulations on who can sell processed foods. Periodically, the managers threaten to discontinue the market because they don't want to deal with these politics. My hope is that the hopeful reinforcement of "yes, what we do here is important to the community" that is the core of the essay will help them look beyond the beurocratic politics and keep this important community gathering alive. We all need that kind of positive reinforcement now and then, right?

I'll be at the farmer's market Saturday!

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  1. Yes, Laura, I believe you are right. Community is needed by all life. Just take a look at the land you live on and all the species that live on the plot. We humans would like to believe we don't need community but that is an illusion. We need each other. We need the bees, we need trees, we need our gathering places. Politics has a way of breaking down community. Destroying land, destroying species, destroying relationships. So does one stand by and let this happen? We cannot expect others to do our work for us. If community is important then a stand must be taken to save it.