Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Notes toward a gift economy

Hi folks,

well I tried writing a piece that responded to the idea of art as research, integrating conceptual writing with visual conceptualizing...or something like that. It's in a PDF form, which apparently one cannot upload to this blog directly. So here's a link to the PDF on googledocs. I hope this work. Please someone let me know if it does!

Gift economy

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  1. I love this article. My mind was racing with all kinds of images. It satisfies my aquarian mind:) The first thought I had:

    I was teaching a Professional Development workshop with 4 other teaching artists. The workshop was for teachers who teach autistic children. We were asked to come into the schools and work with the teachers and kids on social and communication skills through an interdisciplinary art approach.
    One of the projects was to create sculptures with tin foil. We took it one step further and made it into a gift giving project. You would have a partner and ask the question: What would you like me to make you for you? Then the gift maker ( artist) would give the piece as a gift in what every way they felt. The energy in the room completing transformed. Creativity was a flying and people were connecting. (This was the teachers in the PD). It was great. There were hats, crowns, jewelry of all kinds, glasses. Simple things and ideas that people wanted for gifts and their partners were very willing to make for them.
    We took it to the class room with more of the high functioning autistic kids. It was a process but they connected and began to communicate to each other what they wanted. In one class the kids began to play with each other creating a story. The teacher never saw them do this before. I think the idea of a gift economy is something to think about as a new way to connect, problem solve and getting into the creative process. Maybe this should be taken to congress and see what happens. I'm willing to do a workshop:) Thank you for sharing that Ju-Pong.